Spicy Vegan Lasagna Pizza

Our first special of 2024, and we’ve created a spicy vegan version of our Lasagna Pizza! Our most popular new pizza in 2023, we’ve been overwhelmed with requests for a vegan version. Re-imagining the iconic Italian dish, this is a plant-based pizza that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

In collaboration with plant-based chef Gemma Ogston (of Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen), we’ve given our vegan special a spicy twist together with our own vegan bechamel and ragu sauces, as well as our own vegan parmesan.

Our bechamel is created from oat milk. Using Miami Foods mince, our vegan ragu packs a punch in flavour, slow cooked with shiitake and oyster mushrooms, tomatoes and red onions and then topped with chilli and basil. 


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