La Ribelle (The Rebel) is here!

La Ribelle (the Rebel)
Cetara anchovies, ‘nduja, buffalo mozzarella, roasted yellow tomatoes, mozzarella, gremolata pesto
Our Ribelle pizza was created for the London Pizza Festival 2023 – a celebration of the best pizza places. For the festival, we created La Ribelle, featuring one of our favourite ingredients, anchovies from Cetara. 
Cetara (known as ‘the Italian capital of anchovies’) is a tiny charming fishing village over 1,000 years old nestled between Maiori and Salerno, and just along the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento and Positano. Even its name is derived from cetaria, an ancient way of trapping tuna. Home to the area’s best fishermen since the ninth century, locals continue to use traditional fishing methods today. Production is still completely by hand, using simple but precise methods of preservation. The fish with the plumpest flesh will be selected to immediately be placed in oak barrels layered with water and Sicilian sea salt and cured for around eight months. Fished only in the Gulf of Salerno, Cetara anchovies are then preserved in Extra Virgin Olive (EVO) oil.
Our idea for what would become La Ribelle was to ensure every slice would be a flavour explosion. The pizza was a huge success at the festival, and naturally we’ve brought it in as our July special for you, in all our pizzerias.
La Ribelle brings the sweetness of yellow cherry tomatoes, spiciness of ‘nduja and saltiness from the delicious Cetara anchovies and buffalo mozzarella. Out of the oven, our pizza is finished with the freshness of gremolata pesto (parsley, lemon juice, lemon zest evo oil and garlic).

Our special Aperitivo this month is the Garibaldi Spritz, a summery cocktail that’s perfect alongside pizza. A mix of Campari, orange and Spumante that’s perfect to showcase the quality of its ingredients. 


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