Milano Pizza & Aperitivo

Neapolitan pizza from Naples, inspired by Milan

Our new Pizza special is here. It’s the Milano… featuring saffron, Salame Milano, and butternut squash (zucca)

And for Feb, we’re also featuring a second Negroni, the Sbagliato – one’s just not enough when it comes to Negroni! Saffron & Gorgonzola cream, together with salami from Milan, works perfectly with fried butternut squash for our Feb special pizza

Saffron has an important heritage in the cooking of Lombardy, featuring on menus regionally for over 400 years, including Risotto alla Milanese

Our Milan theme continues with Negroni Sbagliato, our aperitivo special. Created at Bar Basso in Milano, legend has it that the barman accidentally added prosseco to the classic recipe instead of gin, creating a refreshing ‘mistaken Negroni’


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