Sicilian Dreams

The island of Sicily is stunning. Inspired by our trips to the bustling markets of Ballaro and Vucciria in Palermo, we’re still dreaming of the street food we’ve tasted there, including stigghiola which led us to the flavours for our pizza special.

The flavours for this pizza include our own Sicilian pesto and ragu, made with local Sussex lamb and white wine.

Palermo is famous for its street food culture, the open-air markets being the beating heart of the city with vivid colours, scents and raucous sounds of vendors meeting around lively stalls and along narrow alleys. Snacking on the street is a proud, centuries-old tradition in Palermo, born of both practicality and poverty. Street food culture in Sicily to this day remains true to its unpretentious roots.

The ‘stigghiola’ (sold by the eponymous ‘stigghiulara’) is made with meat wrapped around a green spring onion, finished with lemon and herbs. The perfect balance of salt, fat and acid makes each bite mouth-watering. 

We’ve made our own ragu with Sussex lamb, white wine, spring onions and lemon to give the flavour of stigghiola, together with a Sicilian pesto made from capers, almonds and slow dried tomatoes. We then top our pizza with spring onions, lemon zest and basil. Our lamb sausage comes from our friends at Brighton’s local independent sausage makers ‘Brighton Sausage Co’, based in North Laine. The lamb ragu and Sicilian pesto are hand-made by us in our kitchens.

Our special pizza is perfectly paired with our drink of the month, the Aperol Blood Orange Spritz.

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